Rowing Sculling

ROWING - By Rowing Ireland



  • 1 x Wintech coxed quadruple sculling boat: 1 coach (steering), 2 participants + 2 experienced crew
  • 1 x Baumgarten coxed touring double sculling boat:  

      1 coach, 1 participant, 1 crew. Can be converted from     

      two oars to one oar per person.

  • 1 x Para- single sculling boat: 1 participants, can be tied to shore and has floats either side (out-riggers)

There are a number of exciting rowing options to cater for a range of abilities, with a level of autonomy from single to rowing among a four strong crew    .


Rowing Ergometer : There will be 4 rowing ergometers (machines)

to try rowing on land for those who would like the security and stability of not going afloat or to simply flex those rowing muscles!!

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